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Share the Salty, Sweet Love

Share the Salty, Sweet Love   Olivia Langenberg   I learned early on that baked goods will get you very far in life; and I don't just mean some serious credit at the school bake sale. As a child I watched my mom barter her baking skills with other people’s talents in the neighborhood. A few batches of

Dinner in a Jewelry Box

Winter brings out the desire for comfort food in most of us. We wake up for work or school in the dark and get home in the dark, spending our day time hours looking for or looking forward to large bowls of warm, preferably creamy and filling main dishes like mac n cheese, spaghetti,

Shares Well With Others

Christiana Langenberg So it’s crunch time! While the default meaning for that phrase is hook up to a nice bowl of Luke’s Organic potato or multigrain chips or crackers, this time I’m referring to that “OMG, I still need to give [insert friend or coworker’s name] a gift for the holidays!” feeling or, (depending on

Kitchen-light Savings Time

Olivia Langenberg When I grow up, I'll never treat my kids like this! Trenton announces, in response to being told that leftover Halloween candy is not an acceptable breakfast and I will not be serving it to him in bed. Although I remember making similar vows as a kid, I now realize how lucky I

Best Blond Burger?

Christiana Langenberg At Luke’s Organic, we like the fact that we keep our products gluten-free and simple. You don’t need a dictionary or ten long minutes to read through our ingredients. Yet many other gluten free foods are made with refined ingredients like white rice flour, corn, potato and tapioca starches, plus gobs of salt

Preserving Summer

Christiana Langenberg I was sitting on the couch, enjoying a glass of sun tea and waiting for my favorite slant of light to come streaming through the window in late afternoon.  What I got instead was a steadily darkening sky and dire warnings of torrential rainfall and an impending “wind event.”  Within minutes it was

Green, Greener, Greenest!

Olivia Langenberg Ahh the way summer offers us the opportunity to reinvent our days… and ways of thinking. Bedtimes are later, waterparks are open, camping (or just sleeping in the backyard in a homemade fort) becomes a possibility, and many of us change our eating habits. As a kid I used to spend weeks in

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Christiana Langenberg How many times have you been asked these questions? What’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite book?  Animal? Color? Thing to do? And worst (for me) What’s your favorite food?  The answer to all of the above depends on who’s asking, why, where and when.  If I’m in a job interview, I’m not

Bikini Bod…by Cauliflower & Kale

by Christiana Langenberg It’s crunch time on a number of levels. Produce bounty from your garden or farmers’ markets means salads can be on your daily menus. And with summer officially upon us, it’s time to cram the bod into a swimsuit. For some of us, our bikini days are in the distant past, but we’d still like

Leftovers on Purpose

By Olivia Langenberg Spaghetti and pancakes? Chili and pad Thai? Scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes with broccoli “trees?” When I was a kid, leftover night was pretty much a weekly occurrence. After every dinner, whatever remained got scooped into its own little box, and the small containers would stack up in the fridge with Tetris